One time about a year ago after returning from office, I went shopping for a stall for my wife managed, with a motorbike. My child was 8 years old on that time asked to come along. When coming home from shopping and then I unloaded the groceries were to be brought to the shop.

Wahyu, my son was carrying some of groceries, but I was forbidden because it was too heavy. “No need son, let daddy wrote a carry. Goods were too heavy for you to lift”. But not according to my son and he even proudly said “Wahyu is very strong, pa, I will bring them up easily” he said with a raised and showed his biceps with the shape 90 degrees, such as athletes coached.

I knew the bag was too heavy for him, but I let him bring the bag as his wanted; although in fact do not have the heart to heart. However the only a few steps after my son tried to lift the struggling because of his ego, he then gave up. Then I took the bag from his hand and replace it with a much lighter shopping bag.

At that time the Lord was suddenly reminded me. There are many children of God think that they are strong enough to carry on the very heavy burden with their own power because of immaturity egotism. God the Father really has no the heart to see His children bear a very heavy burden, but very often His children too cocky with their ability, and want to lift their own weight problem.

My tears drop down. I say “Thanks God you remind me, how good You are to me that would carry my burden in the cross. Thank You Lord “.

January 2008
L. Hutabalian

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